021 54376477 admin@indoprima.com
021 54376477 admin@indoprima.com


Our wealth of experience and service to our clients:

  • Professional human resource management
  • Cost effective marketing and promotion solution
  • Efficient time management
  • Single point contact for International Exhibition Service



Our range of service include:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Fabrication and Installation
  • Exhibition Site Management
  • Product Launching


Our operation team starts with understanding your requirements, collaborating your design, planning the production, installation of product, following through all phases until the end of your event and requirements, project all manage by these very competent professionals to ensure you are provide with our commitment to give you the best.


The quality of our service to our customers is supported by our own logistic division. Logistics provides support to all phases of production, field operations, dismantling of booths, and including management and storage of our materials in line with our production requirements. Logistic is supported by a growing forty personnel.


Our design team comprises of creative, high achieving and experienced designers with sessions of team review. Supported by sophisticated technology equipment, our exclusive design are customized to your requirements, innovation that give you a touch of luxury, and our total commitment to your satisfaction.

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